Are girls being groped in elevators?

August 4, 2009

Lots of women and girls get stripped and groped in Elevators as I explain. Anyone that works at the top of a high-rise building with 15+ floors knows that it has a lot of advantages, no, not the wonderful scenery! But in fact it’s the opportunity to spend a few minutes in the personal space of a young slutty office worker, you know the ones, they wear the tight little mini skirts and high heels, with a nice thin blouse that shows their bra underneath. Normally there will be a gap between the buttons that try and contain her breasts, so if men want to sneak there hand in and grope her boobs its easy access.

Groped in a public elevator I got the picture of the girl being groped from that site.

So anyway, in these big tall buildings, the Elevator can take a good few minutes to go from the ground to the top floor, so there is certainly a lot of opportunity for women to get stripped of their clothes and groped. I see it daily, you have to remember that these Elevators are crammed with people; nobody wants to wait anymore so they all pile in as soon as the doors open. Mostly of them are men but there is always some little blonde or brunette with her tits and ass on show that gets groped.

From what I’ve seen, if the girls don’t wear stockings and have tanned, curvy legs and hips then she’ll generally be groped and felt up by most of the men that happen to be in the Elevator, any other girls in there at the same time normally just turn a blind eye or are having there breasts or ass groped and grabbed themselves.

There’s a new secretary started in one of the offices near the top of the building, she’s a brunette but she’s dyed her hair dirty blonde. She gets stripped and groped daily in the Elevators, she always makes sure she wears a tight silvery grey mini skirt and high heels which show off her tanned legs and serves to pronounce her tight ass for guys to grope and feel when they want to. On a typical day when she gets groped, she would walk into the Elevator with a lot of men already in there. It would seem as though there is plenty of space to stand in when you step in, but as the doors shut the guys just sort of close in on her and that’s when you see the hands start to wander, men put there brief cases down and most of them reach out with there hands to grab and grope some boobs and ass. In fact this particular girl also enjoys stripping off in the staff room on her lunch break too.

The men that are closest, rub themselves against her legs or hand, or whatever part of the girls body they can, some men have there trousers down actually. After a minute of getting groped, the dirty blonde is normally stripped of some of her clothes, in fact the same man (who I think is the janitor) everyday normally slides his hand up the girls calves and thighs and gropes her buttocks for a minute and puts his hand in her crack before sliding down her black panties so they rest around her ankles. Her boobs get groped and grabbed a lot as you would expect, they are very firm and full, and her nipples are also groped and pulled vigorously.
By now at least 5 men have there hand up the sluts skirt and she’s getting all her private parts groped and felt up, the blouse was stripped off early, and her tits are a little red and marked after getting them groped and squeezed by so many men.

Getting groped, felt up and being used as tits and ass meat for men to rub themselves against is quite normal for all the girls in the building, it’s seemingly quite routine. As the Elevator goes through the floors, the girls get stripped and groped, when the Elevator stops at other floors on the way to the top, men will come in and have a quick feel of some tits and ass, maybe take off there trousers and use the girls buttocks to rub themselves on and then go back to work, if a girl gets on then she’ll have her tits groped and butt cheeks parted for the entertainment of the men. I have also noticed that the sluts that get groped normally get stripped of there panties several times a day, so I assume all the women in the building have a big stock of underwear since a lot of guys in the Elevator like souvenirs to take away with them.

Thought this one was a good read, guy talking about how girls are being groped at his work place